Opening hours


Kitchen closes at 22h.

Good food means good times

Food should be made with a bit of soul. Along with some of the best steaks in Switzerland (if you ask us), we’re serving what we usually call ‘real mountain cuisine with a dash of down-to-earth’. Homemade with local ingredients, interpreted in new ways.

(Hint: Try something from the open grill).

Our menu is inspired by the mountains

We put more on the plate than just food. Our menu is inspired by our surroundings — all the way from the traditional ways of mountain cooking to the modern cuisine of current-day Zermatt. Regional meats cooked to perfection, local herbs and fresh vegetables. Traditional classics and entirely new taste impressions. It’s all here.

This is mountain cuisine →

That homemade feeling

To us, homemade means cooking with heart and soul, while getting to experiment. We’re using our own refined sauces and homemade oils and spices in our dishes — all to add those small details, you don’t forget. Sometimes, we even let our guests take some home as well… but the recipes stay with us.

Our wine menu

You’ll be dining in middle of the Valais - the famous swiss wine region. We’ve selected several of our local favourites for our wine menu and included a couple of great international wines as well. Our house wine from Cave des Champs is made in a family-owned wineyard only 60 kilometers from Zermatt.

It all starts with great ingredients

Caring about your ingredients is easier said that done. You see, we value genuine local ressources, so we serve local meats, herbs and vegetables — of course. However, being inspired from foods all over the world, we’ve also carefully selected premium imported ingredients for your dishes. The results speak for themselves.

Find us here

Filet et Fils is located within the Matthiol Boutique Hotel, right at the brink of the mountains.